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20 November 2022

New health care technologies will be developed with amalgamation of health science & engineering technology - CM


New Delhi, November 20.-  An extension center of IIT Delhi will be set up on about 50 acres of land in Badhsa village of Jhajjar district of Haryana, regarding which Haryana Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal held a meeting with the officials of IIT Delhi at Haryana Bhavan in Delhi on Sunday. Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Mr. V Umashankar, Principal Secretary of Technical Education and Higher Education Department Mr. Vijayendra Kumar, Director General Mr. Rajeev Ratan, Director of Technical Education Sh Krishan Kataria, Director of IIT Delhi Professor Rangan Banerjee and Dean and other professors were present in this meeting.

                  In the meeting, the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal approved the proposal of setting up of an extension center of IIT Delhi in village Badhsa and assured the team of IIT Delhi that the Haryana government will give them full support in this matter. He said that new health care technologies will be developed by incorporating patient data from the National Cancer Institute in Badhsa and engineering technological intervention from IIT Delhi. This will benefit the patients as well as the players. In addition to MSc, PhD, various types of certificate courses will also be conducted in this campus. These special courses and training programs will help in improving the skills of  local youth, besides creating various employment opportunities for the local youth.

An extension campus of IIT Delhi will be opened on 50 acres in Badhsa in Jhajjar district

CM Manohar Lal held an important meeting with the officials of IIT Delhi at Haryana Bhavan in Delhi for setting up of the campus

Along with patients, players will also be benefited besides creating various new employment opportunities  - CM

Special courses and training programs will help in skilling of local youth

Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal said that this campus will become India's first center for precision medicine, i.e., the research and development of medicine that a particular patient needs. For this, medical experts will find out the patient's needs and find a bioengineering solution to it. This will benefit our pharmaceutical companies as they will be able to develop new medicine drugs for cancer patients based on the research of medical experts of the National Cancer Institute and technical engineering experts of IIT Delhi, which will be suitable for the treatment of our patients. It was reported at the meeting that the cancer medicines that are coming now are being prepared in accordance with the conditions there on the basis of foreign research.

It was told in the meeting that the IIT Delhi's extension center would be developed with expected outcomes like Advanced technological-backed personalized healthcare solutions for patients, state of the art R & D Centre for developing new healthcare technologies, would create new job opportunities across different segments and provide skilling of manpower through specialised courses and training programs.It will help in sports rehabilitation by developing personalised medical implants and device better diagnostics & predictive therapies by use of Artificial Intelligence.

The chief minister also said that in the campus, sports performance and injury prevention technology would also be developed which will help our players perform better. He said that Haryana players are already performing well at national and international level and when they get technological support,  they will be able to perform even better. This technology will prove to be very useful for our Paralympic players. The Chief Minister suggested developing technology and research for sportsmen in coordination with Sports University Rai (Sonipat) so that the sportsmen can derive maximum benefit out of it..

Not only that, this campus will develop technology to treat cancer patients using medical imaging and artificial intelligence, wherein the scientists will be able to locate the origin of cancer tissue, after which removal of the entire cancerous part of the body would not be needed.. Apart from this, IIT Delhi will continue to work on the campus on recent relevant technologies and products like dental implants, hip protection devices for the elderly, prosthetic knee joints, etc.

In the meeting, Director of IIT Delhi Professor Rangan Banerjee said that the infrastructure, construction, designing academic program and research and design facility focusing on patients of the National Cancer Institute is likely to be completed in about 3 years. Further, It may take 3 to 5 years for making R&D facility functional, creating start-ups, expansion works for other diseases etc. The development of Research for sports injuries and precision medicine is likely to take more than 5 years time, he added.

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